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The EnlightMe app is available on any mobile device!

Features and supported devices

EnlightMe supports the following devices and protocols out of the box:

LED Lights

LED Lights

All LimitlessLED or Milight compatible lights and bridges can be controlled!

433 MHz Switches

433 MHz Switches

EnlightMe uses Pilight to support all kinds of power switches and senders! These are very affordable and easy to use.

RooWiFi for iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba

Get the RooWifi adapter and control your Roomba with EnlightMe including schedules!



Access dbPower or MJPG-streamer webcams and capture snapshots based on events!

Device Groups

Device Groups

Group different kinds of devices to simultanously turn them on/off!


Nuki Smartlock

Lock or unlock your doors from wherever you are with EnlightMe and your Nuki smartlock!


Switch your devices based on events like sunrise/sunset, presence or other signals!


Get notified when someone enters your home or your vacuum cleaner finishes cleaning!


Let EnlightMe turn off your lights when you are not at home and save on your energy bill!


EnlightMe uses password protected AES-256 bit encryption to protect your smart home!

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