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How to connect to your server from the internet?

In order to be able to use your EnlightMe and control your devices at home when you are on the road, you need to enable port forwarding in your router.

Just add a route for the port 1981 both for TCP and UDP directly to your EnlightMe server.


The EnlightMe should be then able to find your server and connect to it even if your phone is not inside your WiFi.


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# Montag, 8. Februar 2016

EnlightMe App Configuration Tutorial

Once you have successfully installed and set-up your RaspberryPi and the EnlightMe server, it is time now for configuring the app.


In order to give you a little help I uploaded a short video tutorial:



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# Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016

Easy EnlightMe Setup with NOOBS

I have written a small package to make the configuration and setup of your RaspberryPi as simple as possible.

All you need to do now is:

- get NOOBS and install Raspbian as the default OS

- perform the steps shown in this video right after the OS has been installed:



- after your RaspberryPi restarts enter these commands:



tar -xf emsetup.tar

sudo bash


This script will install the latest stable Pilight version, the PicoTTS voice engine and the latest version of the EnlightMe server.


After that it will restart your RaspberryPi and everything should be up and running.


Just launch your Android or iOS app and start configuring EnlightMe!


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# Montag, 11. Januar 2016

Setting up a RaspberryPi for EnlightMe

Here are some simple steps how to install EnlightMe and all necessary software packages.

First of all you will need:

- RaspberryPi

- SD card (at least 8 GB)

- Keyboard & mouse

- Monitor

- MicroUSB power adabter


Download the latest version of NOOBS fromhere.


Unpack the package to your SD card, put the SD card into your RaspberryPi and boot it.


When the operating system is finally installed, open up a terminal window and type in the following lines one after another.

If you are being asked something, just choose the default setting by pressing "Enter".

sudo su
echo "deb stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pilight.list
wget -O - | apt-key add -
apt-get update
apt-get install pilight
dpkg -i libttspico-data.deb
dpkg -i libttspico0.deb
dpkg -i libttspico-utils.deb


If everything has been downloaded and installed without any errors, then you should restart your RaspberryPi and go on with downloading the EnlightMe server binary and starting it.


mkdir ~/enlightme
cd ~/enlightme/
tarxf enlightserver.tar

When EnlightMe server is up and running, go ahead and install EnlightMe on your Android or Apple device!

That's it!


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# Dienstag, 18. August 2015

What is EnlightMe?


EnlightMe is an easy-to-use home automation solution.


I have been searching the web for an off-the-shelf solution for some time. All I found so far was either very complex and needing development skills to configure it (like FHEM) or quite expensive and often limited to devices and protocols that are also a bit too expensive. 


But, I have found some open source projects for the RaspberryPi (like Pilight) which covered exactly those protocols and devices which are affordable and very easy to buy. Most of these supported devices I was already using at home for years. Then it was just a matter of time to build a solution which combined different projects and solutions into one without the need for programming skills.


This is how the idea for EnlightMe was born.


You can use the EnlightMe app for iOS or Android devices to control your

All those devices can be switched on/off manually or depending on


At this point of time EnlightMe is still in an early testing / experimental phase. I have got it running for a few months now at home and sorted out most of the bugs. But, that is the only installation for now. So, please be aware that you will be kind of a beta tester if you decide to use EnlightMe at your home and not everything might work smoothly at the beginning. ;)


The minimum hardware requirements to setup EnlightMe at your home are:

From here on getting additional hardware depends on what you would like to control at home.


Here are some example devices that I have at home and which work great together with EnlightMe:

The software for the RaspberryPi is already installed and pre-configured on an image for a 8GB SD-Card. You can download it here.


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# Montag, 17. August 2015

EnlightMe going live!


The first experimental version of EnlightMe is finally available for download.


You can get the apps here:


iOS: Apple App Store

Android: Google Play Store


And the EnlightMe server image for RaspberryPi 2 is available hereMicrosoft OneDrive



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